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Learn About OTS Trading Software

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OTS Trader bot App

Find OTS Trader -

To access the OTS Trader bot's app, navigate to the control panel, select 'NEW', and then find it at the bottom of the list to click on it.


Activate OTS Trader bot-

To activate OTS Trader bot, begin by selecting your trading account from the drop-down menu under the Title Account. Ensure you have chosen the correct market for trading. Then, click on the "NOT ACTIVE" red title to enable OTS Trader bot. To deactivate it, simply click on the "Active" title, which will now be displayed in green.

Education -
It's strongly advised to review each educational link provided on this page - Link to OTS Trader Education Page.

We recommend activating the OTS Trader bot's app and practicing with the examples provided in each section to familiarize yourself with the application. After mastering the basics, it is advisable to revisit the material to reinforce your understanding of the OTS Trader bot's app.

OTS Indicators

Indicator Location -

To find the OTS Indicators, look for one or two folders at the top of your indicators list.

Chart Templates -

For easy setup, we have included a variety of per-installed chart templates. To access them, right-click on your chart, scroll down to 'Templates' at the menu's bottom, and select 'Load' to see the available templates.

Education -

To make the most of the OTS Indicators, we suggest exploring the dedicated pages for each. Begin acquainting yourself with the unique contribution of each indicator to your overall strategy, similar to understanding the vital role of each team member. Start your exploration here:

Link to OTS Indicators Education Page.

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OTS Smooth Charts Education.jpg

Smooth Charts

Locate Smooth Charts -

To find the Smooth Charts, go to the Data Series and look under the 'TYPE' section, where you usually see options such as Minute and Daily. Scroll to the bottom of this list to discover the four types of Smooth Charts.

Education -

We recommend taking some time to get acquainted with the Smooth Charts.

Link to OTS Smooth Charts Education Page.

Dedicate time to comprehending the various Mode Settings and how they affect the chart's visual presentation. Remember, these charts are 'Smoothed' by averaging Open, High, Low, and Last prices, making it essential to incorporate the Last Line Indicator. Our video tutorials on each page will provide detailed guidance through all these aspects.

OTS Trading Strategies

OTS Trading Strategies: A Comprehensive Approach for Diverse Markets

Core Strategies Include:
1. Market Direction:
    - Continued Trend
    - Expected Reversal
    - Range Trading
2. First Entry Levels
3. Scaling Into Trades After First Entry
4. Scaling Out of Trades
5. Protective Stops
6. Final Exit

Each element is crafted to provide a detailed roadmap for successful trading, regardless of market conditions.

Link to OTS Trading Strategies Education Page.

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