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11_Configuring Stop Entry Orders

Precision Trading: Setting Limit and Stop Orders with Ease

OTS Trader - Stop Orders

Section 11: Mastering Placing Limit and Stop Orders

Effortlessly Set Stop Orders

Take control of your trading strategy with ease by setting stop orders using our intuitive platform. Whether you prefer manual input or precise adjustments using arrow keys, placing stop orders is straightforward.

Key Features:

1. Automatic Order Determination: The OTS Trader's bot analyzes your price modifications relative to the prevailing market value, automatically determining whether to execute a limit or stop order. This ensures precision and flexibility in your trading strategy.

2. Intelligent Order Execution: If you select Buy with a price above the current market value, the system knows to send a Buy Stop order. Similarly, if you input a price below the current market value and click Sell, it automatically places a Sell Stop order.

With our platform, mastering the art of placing limit and stop orders is simpler than ever before.

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