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06_Live Trade Results


Overview: The Real-Time Trade Results Analysis feature in the OTS Trader bot provides traders with detailed insights into their trade outcomes from start to finish. It offers a comprehensive overview of trade performance, including dollar results, percentage gains or losses, and trade duration.

Displayed Information:

  1. Dollar Result of Each Trade: Displays the dollar outcome of each individual trade once the position is closed.

  2. Percentage Gain/Loss: Indicates the percentage gain or loss based on the current account balance.

  3. Trade Duration: Shows the duration of each trade, from the time it was initiated to the time the position was closed.

Data Display:

  • The most recent trade result is displayed in slot #1.

  • Each subsequent trade result moves down one level, with the previous result shifting to slot #2 and so on.

  • Trade results are retained in slots #1 to #12, after which older results fall off the screen to accommodate new results.


  • Performance Analysis: Enables traders to analyze trade outcomes in real-time, facilitating performance assessment and strategy refinement.

  • Visibility: Provides clear visibility into dollar results, percentage gains or losses, and trade duration, aiding in decision-making and goal-setting.

  • Historical Tracking: Retains trade results for reference, allowing traders to track their progress over time and identify patterns or trends.

Conclusion: The Real-Time Trade Results Analysis feature empowers traders with valuable insights into their trade performance, enhancing transparency and facilitating informed decision-making. By displaying key metrics in a clear and organized manner, users can effectively evaluate their trading strategies and optimize their trading approach for success.

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