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07_True Average Price Position Data

Mastering Position Analysis with Advanced True Price Insights

OTS Trader - Position Data

Section 7: True Average Price and Position Data

Unlock the Power of True Average Price and Position Data

Experience a groundbreaking approach to assessing your trading position with OTS's innovative True Average Price feature. Unlike conventional FIFO (First In, First Out) accounting methods, this advanced tool provides a transparent and accurate evaluation of your average trading position.

Key Features:

1. True Average Price Calculation: Our platform employs a proprietary formula to calculate your true average price, essential for precise evaluation when engaging in buying and selling within the same trade.

2. Comprehensive Position Analysis: The app presents the number of contracts held (long or short) alongside the true average price. Additionally, it provides average losses in points and dollars per contract, enabling thorough insight into your trading performance.

3. Real-Time Profit/Loss Updates: Stay informed with real-time updates on the open profit or loss for your current trade, as well as daily profit/loss totals.

4. Account Overview: Easily access your overall account value and average margin required per contract for open positions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your trading stance.

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