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Enhanced Trading Scripts for Ninja Trader

The OTS Trader bot app transforms your trading with advanced automation, offering more than Ninja Trader's basics. It automates tasks at market entry, provides enhanced insights through OTS Indicators and Smooth Charts, and supports OTS Trading Strategies—all in one place. Discover how it can revolutionize your trading with OTS Traders. Continue to explore...


OTS Trader bot 2.0.18

Looking for a Trading App Upgrade That Revolutionizes Your Trading Experience?

The OTS Trader bot 2.0 app by Online Trading Solutions debuts with 32 new features, elevating trading through advanced automation and strategic functionalities. It focuses on optimal account and market selection, offering a color-coded trade ticket system, real-time tracking, enhanced market data, and sophisticated pricing for deeper insights. Features cover custom entry quantities, diverse order types, strategic exits, and position reversals, alongside innovative pricing, simplified orders, trading at moving averages, and precise strategy implementations. It includes advanced entry/exit strategies, auto scale-in, and scale-out options, with comprehensive order management and strategic tools like 'Auto Trailing Stop' and 'Break Even Plus Points'. 'Hot Keys' for streamlined trading round out the tutorial, inviting users to explore these cutting-edge solutions.


OTS Indicators

Ready to Elevate Your Trading with Our Latest Indicators?

Discover advanced trading capabilities with our latest indicator enhancements! Enjoy precision with our Enhanced Double Stochastic Oscillator and refined accuracy with the Upgraded B-Line Indicator. Our Advanced Directional Indicators offer deep trend analysis, while our Enhanced Reversal Indicators pinpoint market reversals with greater accuracy. Gain an advantage with three new Volume Delta Indicators and improve pattern recognition with our innovative Chart Patterns Indicators. Also, explore our Automated Cycle Plotter, including Auto GANN and Fibonacci Retracement Display. Click to unlock these features and elevate your trading!


OTS Smooth Charts

Ready to Experience Charting Like Never Before?

Explore OTS Smooth Charts and transform your market data analysis! Our unique charting method reduces market noise and emphasizes key trends by averaging Open, High, Low, and Last prices. With a range of chart types—Second, Minute, Tick, Volume, and Renko—each offering distinct insights, you're equipped to make informed decisions. Click to experience the difference with OTS Smooth Charts and elevate your analysis!

ots trading stategies.jpg

OTS Trading Strategies

Want to Stay Ahead of Market Trends with Proactive Trading Strategies?*

Gain market insights and stay ahead with OTS Trading Strategies! Our innovative strategies provide deep insights into market trends and reversal patterns, empowering you to anticipate and navigate market shifts. Transform your trading with our expert chart pattern guidance. Explore OTS Trading Strategies today and take the lead!

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