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We CreateAutomatedTrading Software...Plus, so much more!

OTS Trader bot
20 Custom Indicators
Custom Charts
Market Pulse
New Trading Strategies

OTS Traders' software runs on Ninja Trader.

David N. - Day Trader:

"OTS Trader improved my scalping strategy with faster entries and adjustments, especially in fast-moving markets."

Peter J. - OTS Trader Owner:

"OTS Trader is indispensable for my trades, and I wouldn't trade without it."

Bo H. - Day Trader:

"OTS Trader has been a fantastic investment for my trading career."
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OTS Trades bot

The OTS Trader bot offers seamless trade placement and automated exit capabilities. Picture having crafted the ultimate entry strategy on NinjaTrader, only to struggle with executing exits or adjusting them in real-time. Thanks to the OTS Trader bot, those concerns are now a thing of the past.

Analysing data

Online Trading Solutions is For You

We love our work and we share it to help us make it better for you and in doing so, we make it better for us.


Over 30 Years in the business

Since 1993, the creator of the OTS software has been at the forefront of enhancing indicators, chart types, trading strategies, and automated trading ticket bots. Their journey began with Omega Research, now recognized as TradeStation, and has since expanded to encompass numerous other platforms.


The Right Direction

If you've been seeking a comprehensive solution to enhance your trading decisions, gain deeper insights into the market, and attain that crucial trading edge, look no further than Online Trading Solutions. Whether you're in need of robust software to streamline your trading process or tools that can autonomously manage your trades, you've come to the right destination.



We are committed to delivering unparalleled support to our valued customers, striving tirelessly to uphold the highest standards. When you entrust your needs to our team, rest assured you're opting for nothing short of quality and excellence. Customer satisfaction lies at the core of our mission, guiding every aspect of our work.


Advanced Tech

Continuously striving to enhance our offerings and push the boundaries of technological innovation, our dedicated team of experts is driven by a relentless passion for developing cutting-edge solutions. Are you prepared to embark on a journey into the future? Reach out to us today and discover what lies ahead.


Your path to see markets better and trade them better than ever before is one click away...

Paul W. - Day Trader, MD

"OTS pro plug-in is the best streaming product I've seen, and it quickly paid for itself."

Adam C. - Day Trader:

"The indicators provided valuable real-time trading support, aligning with my trading style."

John L. - Day Trader:

"Smooth volume indicator has transformed my trading experience."

What is included in the Free Demo

Have Questions?

What Platform Does Your Software Run On?

Our software operates on NinjaTrader 8. After thorough assessment, we determined that NinjaTrader's platform offered the optimal environment for developing AddOn software that combines superior visual elements with advanced functionality, tailored to meet the needs of the trading community.

Do you provide custom support for questions?

Absolutely, we offer comprehensive customer support to address all your queries and concerns. Additionally, we've crafted detailed pages for each indicator, smooth chart, and every section of the OTS Trader bot trade ticket. Recognizing the complexity involved, we encourage you to take your time and thoroughly understand each component. We recommend practicing actions on each page in SIM mode to grasp the functionality effectively. Rest assured, we're here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you have the resources and knowledge to maximize your trading potential with the OTS trading software.

When I download the demo, do I get all the software listed on your website?

When you download the demo, you'll receive a comprehensive package that includes the OTS Indicators, Smooth Charts, OTS Trader bot, and Market Pulse all at once. Whether you find value in all these software components or prefer specific pieces to enhance your trading journey, you'll discover a suite of improved trading tools that may revolutionize your approach. From advanced indicators to automated trading solutions, our offerings aim to equip you with tools you might not have known existed until now, potentially transforming your trading experience for the better.

Is it true, the the OTS Trader bot will automatically submit my protective stops, update the quantities, and move them during live trades and finally cancel the stop when I go flat? That really sounds like a lot of coding to get all this done! 

Indeed, the OTS Trader bot is packed with an array of features designed to streamline your trading process. From automatically submitting protective stops to dynamically updating them and even allowing you to adjust values and toggle them on or off during live trades, it offers unparalleled convenience. Moreover, the bot provides clear visibility into potential losses at your chosen stop levels, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and the hassle of managing stops, quantities, and cancellations. With the OTS Trader bot handling these tasks seamlessly, you can bid farewell to unnecessary fumbling and focus more on executing successful trades.

What makes your OTS Indicators better than other indicators?

Indicators serve as valuable tools providing insights into potential market movements. While many prominent traders suggest not solely relying on indicators for trading decisions, we believe they offer crucial signals for anticipating market shifts. Our OTS Volume Delta Indicators empower you to trade based on these signals. The OTS Green Line highlights market turning points, while the Red Line and DSI Indicator reveal trends. Additionally, the Market Spread Indicator offers invaluable insights into market direction, potentially ranking among the best in the market for this purpose.

By experimenting with these indicators and observing them in action, you can develop your own strategies and gain a fresh perspective on market dynamics. We're confident that witnessing the effectiveness of our meticulously crafted OTS Indicators firsthand will inspire greater confidence in your trading decisions and, ultimately, lead to enhanced profitability.

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