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Market Pulse

1. Reversal - Stab Buy - Stab Sell

1. Reversal - Stab Buy - Stab Sell

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Stab Buy/Sell Strategy Overview

  1. Purpose: This strategy is designed specifically for traders aiming to take advantage of market reversal patterns.

  2. Stab Buy/Sell Trigger: A Stab Buy or Sell occurs when the market exceeds a preset deviation from the set moving average. The standard configuration uses a 15-period moving average with a 1.5 deviation.

  3. Sell Signal: A Stab Sell is signaled when the market rises beyond the deviation limit. To aid traders, the interface changes to red, providing a clear visual alert of the surpassed deviation levels.

  4. Buy Signal: Conversely, a Stab Buy is indicated when the market drops below the deviation threshold. Here, the interface turns green, serving as an immediate visual alert.

  5. Multi-Time Frame Display: The strategy incorporates information display across up to 15 different time frames, delivering a thorough perspective of market behavior and highlighting potential points of trend reversal.

More Information on Stab Buy / Sells -

Reversal - Stab Buy - Stab Sell | Settings

1. Reversal - Stab Buy - Stab Sell

Stab Buy/Sell Chart

The Market Pulse App from Online Trading Solutions offers a customizable Stab Buy/Sell feature, allowing traders to fine-tune the app's settings to match their individual trading strategies and preferences. Here’s an explanation of the various customization options available for the Stab Buy/Sell settings:

1. Show Smooth Spread:

  • This option lets you toggle the display of the Stab Buy/Sell feature on or off. It’s useful for focusing on specific types of market data or simplifying the interface.

2. Period:

  • Set the length of the moving average that is used to initiate the visualization of price deviations. This setting is crucial for determining when a Stab Buy or Stab Sell pattern becomes visible, based on your preferred moving average length.

3. Starting Point:

  • Determine the level at which the app will display the market as being in a Stab Buy or Stab Sell pattern. This setting allows you to define the specific criteria for these patterns, aligning them with your analysis techniques.

4. Threshold Colors for Stab Sells:

  • Customize up to three different background color levels to visually indicate Stab Sell conditions. These colors can be set to change based on certain criteria, helping you quickly identify market conditions that align with a Stab Sell.

5. Threshold Colors for Stab Buys:

  • Similarly, set up to three background colors to signal Stab Buy conditions. These color settings aid in immediately recognizing market scenarios conducive to Stab Buys.

By tailoring these settings, traders can personalize their Market Pulse experience, ensuring that the Stab Buy/Sell feature provides insights that are closely aligned with their specific trading strategies. This level of customization enhances the app’s usability and effectiveness in aiding traders to make informed decisions.

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